Our church was formed when South City Christian Centre and C3 Christchurch joined together to form a new church with the purpose of using their combined resources to more effectively reach their city for Christ. Since then, we have moved from one church to three church congregations in three locations EastsideSouth City, and St Martins–taking the life of the church out into new neighbourhoods.

About South City Christian Centre
South City Christian Centre had its beginnings in the 1940’s, when a dedicated group committed themselves to establishing a central city church in Christchurch. Between 1950-1953 this group sacrificed a great deal of time and money to build the church currently located on the corner of Colombo Street and Moorhouse Ave. The building opened in 1953 mortgage-free and since it's opening has survived thousands of earthquakes with no major damage - a testament to the workmanship of those who were involved (mostly volunteers) in the build project. The church was known then as Evangelistic Church and in the following decades grew to include the development of a private school in St Martins in 1977.

In the early 1990’s, Evangelistic Church went through a needed transformation where a much fuller appreciation of God’s grace shifted its core values from being inward-looking and legalistic to outward looking and generous. In 1995, the church changed its name to South City Christian Centre. During this time, the school in St Martins also changed its name to Hillview Christian School and is now a very successful inter-denominational integrated school.

About C3 Church
C3 Christchurch was planted in 2009 with a passionate group of Jesus followers seeking to bring the message of the Gospel to the city of Christchurch. By 2013, C3 was a vibrant central city church with many families and young people walking through their doors each week and finding Jesus for the first time. 

In 2013,  C3 Christchurch and South City Christian Centre joined together forming South City C3 which originally met as one church at our central city site on Colombo Street. In 2014, the opportunity opened up for us to extend into the suburbs giving us more proximity to the neighbourhoods we felt specifically called to reach. That location is now called Eastside C3. Then in 2016, we were able to launch another suburban location at our school site in St Martins. This location is called St Martins C3. The expansion of our church to three different locations necessitated another name change in 2015 to C3 Church Christchurch.

We believe that through a multi-location church, we will be able to more effectively reach people across our city and beyond and we are excited at the possibilities ahead.